Everything I Love About Thrift Stores and Estate Sales

Everything I Love About Thrift Stores and Estate Sales

If you know me, you’d know that I am a treasure seeker.  The thrill of the hunt, the find, the elusive object that has no match!  Once, my husband asked, after enjoying a nice nap in the car (while I scoured an estate sale) “do you ever get tired of looking for treasures?”  Well, no…not even a little. The art of finding that perfect vintage item is part talent, part coincidence and part luck. However, finding that magic piece is only a part of the reason I love treasure hunting.  Here are a few reasons more.



I get a really great feeling knowing that the chinoiserie mirror I found at a thrift store will get a new life.  It will reflect the images of families and friends who all have their own stories resting in their faces. It will capture the nervous smile on the faces of the prom dates.  It will bring with it all the sparkle and clinking of china of the dinner parties thrown by the most fabulous doyenne to have ever graced her social circles. You see, it has a story as all the treasures we find seem to say.  I love that we can give these things a new life. I love that the dilapidated settee I found at a thrift store will once again claim it’s glory as a functioning part of a lively household. 



As I’ve gotten older and have enjoyed the hunt of the “one of” prize, I’ve noticed myself morphing into a pickier picker, if you will.  I can recall one of the first collections I started years ago. My mother in law had passed an old pitcher on to me. She explained that it was her mother’s and that it had probably come from somewhere on the east coast.  Well that narrowed it down! I became obsessed with researching the mark and maker of this piece. From then on, I was always on the lookout for the pattern and more pieces to add to my collection. After almost 25 years, I’ve only found a mug that matched it.  But that made me learn that more isn’t more. Having every piece of a china pattern doesn’t make it better. But having a pitcher and a mug that my sweet mother in law got me interested in is all that matters to me. Knowing the history and story of a piece adds more value.  It makes an already great find even better. Find something that speaks to you and there you will find the beginning of your collection.



I love wrapping up a gift and giving it to that special person.  It’s so gratifying to see the looks on their faces when they open it up and see something unique and chosen just for them.  That’s the beautiful thing about finding treasures. That vintage handbag with the vintage brooch pinned to it made the perfect gift for my young friend who found herself always going to dressy events but needed a unique and pretty bag to take along.  That set of vintage barware and a nice bottle of scotch gifted to a friend who just got his first big job and a new apartment marked a milestone in his trip into adulthood. The best part…you can’t find these things on Amazon or at the mall. They are unique and special and almost impossible to duplicate.  They are likely something the recipient would never dream to get for themselves but will always treasure. It makes the search and the giving so meaningful to me. 

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